About Us

Build Israel Palestine (BIP) is a group of Jews and Muslims in the United States committed to helping people on the ground in Israel and Palestine through cross border water projects in Israel and Palestine.

Investing together as Jews and Muslims in real projects has two key advantages:

  1. The outcome is a tangible benefit to people on the ground.
  2. Both sides must work together as partners, creating trust.

Project One: Water Purification for Farming

75% of Palestinians do not have sewerage collection infrastructure. This is a problem for both Israeli and Palestinian communities as it poisons the groundwater in shared water sources reducing the ability for food to be produced.

We will employ both Palestinian and Israeli water engineers to implement an off-grid sewerage treatment system in one Palestinian village. We hope this model of jointly financing tangible projects benefiting people on the ground will be an example for others to follow.


In summer 2016 we announce the completion of our first project.