Building together ensures everyone is invested.


the problem we are solving for

Building with Israelis & Palestinians (BIP) works on the problem of getting Israelis and Palestinians to build a shared future together.

We are agnostic as to how they do that, whether through agricultural, scientific or business projects. We understand that the size of the problem is such that no one community can do this alone: whether it is the Israeli, Palestinians, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or other community. So we have established this platform for people to come together to work on this problem.

We have built two projects so far, funded by people from the Muslim, Jewish, Christian as well as non-faith communities and we are looking forward to hosting our first conference at MIT November 11th, 2018.


Why investing together as different faiths matters:

1.    The outcome is a tangible benefit to people on the ground.

2.    Both sides must work together as partners, creating trust.

3.    Working on our common challenges leads us to focus on our common humanity.